Our Campus

Narsapur, Telangana

Vishnu High School is existing in Orchard Campus ,Narsapur along with reputed engineering Colleg and Farmacy College(BVRIT & VIPER our instituitions)From the very beginning, The Management (SVES) has sought to establish a connection between living and learning. At Orchard Campus, Narsapur learning together has meant living together. Never often one living in the tech world gets to look at a large Orchard with all kinds of trees stacked up across several acres of land that spellbinds everyone. The fruit-laden trees are altogether an epitome of simplicity and symbolic of the actuality of students guided to be modest despite acquiring knowledge for their greater good.

VHS believes that higher levels of exposure to green spaces are associated with improved cognitive development, stress reduction and better academic performance in the students. Astonishingly enormous and extremely beautiful VHS Campus is located near the lush green forest that spans over 110 acres away from the din of the city. It trains approximately 5000 students and nurtures them through their path to education and enlightenment and empowers them for the challenges beyond.

The specially designed Campus provides students more than simply a place to live. The greenery has been an indispensable part of students and faculty for an enriching learning experience. This is one of the main reasons for many students to choose to live on campus to transform their aspirations to achievement.

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